An Organic Vision Of Photography


An Organic Vision Of Photography

An Organic Vision Of Photography By Muriel DELEPONT, Montreuil 93100

Delanay Blue, Chester Blood, JC and me

Born in Liege –Belgium in 1965
Between 1986-1990 studies at the “Institute of Decorative Arts” of Liege, ICADI. Photography Section. It’s in the 19th century that saw the birth of the “pictorialist” movement that layed the foundation and formed the identity of my work as a photographer.

To start with I’m interested by German Expressionism in photography. Early on appeared the urge to photograph the individual. Photography represents for me a procedure of identification though the act itself. In the meeting of “the other” flourishes the mirror effect of my personality. Feeds my inner engine that allows me to exist.My work is not to be filed within the documentary tradition. I am drawn by the absence of the backdrop and tight frame that allows me not to enclose my models in an identifiable time or space – just in the frame.

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